Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Warmest greetings from Singapore. I am indeeded honored and humbled to be elected President of the AAAD for the next two years.

There has never been a better time to be a dentist interested in incorporating high standard of aesthetic work into their practice. Especially in Asia, as quality of life improves and dental awareness increase, patients are expecting better dental care and treatment so to enhance their smile. To many patients, it is no longer enough to provide treatment to maintain functional use of the bite.  Many also want to look better, more youthful and attractive. As we are all aware, many recent scientific studies have shown that a beautiful white smile not only improves the prospect of getting a better job or a higher pay, it also makes a person look more intelligent, successful and trustworthy. Aesthetic dentistry is not just purely cosmetic.

With new materials, digital technology, efficient imaging as well as advanced hardware and software combinations, it is now possible for the profession to incorporate efficient, predictable and affordable aesthetic treatment into their daily workflow. At AAAD, we strongly believe that continual learning and education at the highest level is the key to improvement of standards of aesthetic dentistry.

The AAAD will  strive to continue on its mission to popularise and advanced the science and practice of aesthetic dentistry. With stronger collaboration with dental associations and societies, we have a strong pipeline of co-joint meetings with our institutional and country members. We are very excited to announce that AAAD’s  forthcoming bi-ennial meeting will be held on the 28 & 29 September 2018 in Singapore.

We will continue to develop the roles of the executive committee and country representatives so as to serve our members even better.

I wish you all well and look forward to meeting our members at the upcoming events.

Dr. Ronnie Yap
President, AAAD

President's Secretariat

Email: info@asiaaad.org

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