Constitution & By-Laws of the Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry


General Provisions

Section I : Name Business Language and Mailing Address

  • The name of The Academy shall be The Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • The Society shall be registered in 268 Orchard Road, #05-02, Singapore 238856.
  • The mailing address for the society shall be in the Country of Residence of the Secretary or President currently in the office.
  • The official language of the Academy shall be English.

Section II : Purpose, Objectives and Activities

  • The Academy is a non-profit and non-political organisation and shall not discriminate against creed or race.
  • The Society shall be registered in 268 Orchard Road, #05-02, Singapore 238856.
  • The Academy shall popularise and advance the science and practice of aesthetic dentistry by organising regular scientific meetings.
  • The Academy shall encourage research in Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • The Academy shall through periodic news releases, inform the public of Aesthetic Dentistry and its practices.



Section I: Classification of Membership

  • Ordinary Member
  • Institutional Member
  • Honorary Member

Section II: Ordinary Members

    Admission to membership of the Academy shall require the following qualifications :
  • Be a degree holder from a dental school of a university
  • Demonstrate interest in Aesthetic Dentistry by having
    • Presented a paper, lecture, table clinic or poster session at their National Aesthetic Dentistry Society Meeting or an International Meeting
    • Or published an article in aesthetic dentistry in a national, international journal or textbook and
  • Pay the prescribed entrance and annual fees
  • Be in good standing with the legal regulatory board of the dental profession in the country of residence
  • Regularly attend the meetings of the Academy (2 out of 4 successive scientific meetings)
  • Be entitled to a copy of the journal of the Academy (when published)
  • Be entitled to hold office and vote in the Academy
  • Be entitled to participate in the biennial scientific meeting of the Academy at preferential rates

Section III: Honorary Members

  • Honorary members are awarded to persons for outstanding contributions to the practice of the art and science of aesthetic dentistry
  • Not more than 2 honorary members may be awarded per 2 years
  • Honorary members are not entitled to the rights and privileges of ordinary members
  • All Honorary members are proposed and elected at Council Meetings

Section IV: Application for Membership

  • Application for membership shall be made on prescribed forms (Appendix A)
  • All applications must be proposed and seconded by a member of the Academy
  • All applications must be accompanied by the prescribed entrance fees and annual fees
  • All applications are subject to approval of the President / Secretary / Treasurer of the Academy
  • The decision of the Council pursuant to any application for membership is final and no explanations will be given

Section V: Termination of Membership

  • Membership terminates on death, voluntary withdrawal, failing to attend 2 out of 4 Academy meetings or expulsion from the Academy
  • Expulsion from the Academy will be by 2/3 majority of votes in council
  • Any member, who in the opinion of the council has violated the by-laws of the Academy in whole or in part, or who has acted in a way which the Council of the Academy considers is contrary to the welfare and best interest of the Academy and its members, may be expelled.
  • Members may be expelled if they use membership with the Academy as evidence of their special expertise in the fields of aesthetic dentistry.
  • Complaints shall be made in writing to the Council and the member in question shall be asked to reply to the complaints in writing. The decision of the Council is final and is binding on all members.
  • Reinstatement of a member may take place 1 year after the Expulsion. Reinstatement must be sponsored by at least 2 ordinary members. Reinstatement is by 2/3 majority of the council’s votes.
  • Membership will also terminate if the member is in Arrears in dues by more than 1 year. Reinstatement of members terminated because of arrears in annual dues can be considered by council only after the arrears and current dues are paid.
  • Failing to attend 2 out of 4 meetings of the Academy

Section VI: Membership Fees

    The following will be membership fees :
  • Ordinary Members
    • The entrance fees shall be US$50.00 or equivalent
    • The annual fees shall be US$50.00 or equivalent and this will be due on the first day of January of each year.
  • Institutional Members
    • The annual fees shall depend on the number of members of respective institution. They are as follows :
      500 members or more US$1200
      100 to 499 members US$500
      50 to 99 members US$300
      Less than 50 members US$150
    • The Council shall from time to time review these fees and the decision shall be final and binding to all members

Section VII: The Council and Its Officers

  • The officers of the Council are
    • President
    • President Elect
    • Vice President (2) International / Membership
    • Secretary
    • Deputy Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Assistant Treasurer
    • Editor
    • One country representative from each country
    • Past presidents
  • All officers of the Council are entitled to one vote and in the event of a tie in any decision, the President shall have a casting vote.
  • At any Council meeting, the quorum is met when 10 less than 50 per cent of the Council are present. If at the appointed time there is no quorum, the meeting will be reconvened 1 hour later and any number present will form a quorum. The reconvened meeting can decide on all matters but will not have powers to amend the constitution.
    The duties of the Council are as follows :
    • Election and expulsion and reinstatement of ordinary members
    • Conferment and deprivation of honorary memberships
    • Nominate the officers of the Executive Board of the Council via
      • President
      • President Elect
      • Vice President International
      • Vice President Membership
      • Secretary / Treasurer
      • Deputy Secretary / Treasurer
      • Editor
    • Nominate members to any Committee which the Council deems is necessary
    • Lay down the guidelines of the Academy
    • Determine the date and venue of the annual meeting or other meetings
    • Revise the entrance fees and annual dues when it is deemed necessary
    • Decide on the expenditure of the Academy for the Executive Board of the Council and employed agents of the Academy and approve the annual financial statement prepared by the Treasurer
    • Approval of a report of activities of the Academy and Council to all members during any scientific meeting
    • Appoint an auditor from amongst the Council
    • Make recommendations and alteration of By-laws
    • Dissolution of the Academy
    • Any other business which the Council deems necessary from time to time or matters which has been notified to the secretary in writing
  • Meetings of the Council
    • The Council shall meet biennially or when the Council deems necessary. The regular functions of Council may be conducted through mail, telex and facsimile.
    • The Biennial meeting shall be chaired by the President. In the President’s absence or disability the President Elect or the Vice President shall preside at the meeting.
    • The Chairman of the Meeting shall decide on the method of voting, unless it is specified in the constitution.
    • The date and location of the Council Meeting shall be decided at the foregoing Council Meeting.
    • Reminder Notices of the meeting will be sent by the Secretary at least 3 months before the date of the meeting.
    • Minutes of the Council Meeting will be sent to Council Members after the meeting. Such minutes shall be accepted by the Council at its next meeting.
    • National representatives who are unable to attend the meeting shall send another representative from amongst the Academy’s members of the same country.
    • Any action required to be taken by the Council may be taken without a meeting.
    • Voting by postal ballot of Council will have the same force and effect as if a meting was conducted. All such correspondence will be filed as minutes of the Council.
    • Election of the Board of Officers shall be held once every two years at a Council Meeting by secret ballot. All elected officers shall serve a term of two years, and will then be eligible for re-election, except for the Presidency.
    • The President shall be the President-Elect of the preceding term.
    • In general, the resolutions of the Biennial Meeting shall require simple majority of all valid votes cast. Abstentions shall be invalid votes. Any alteration of the By-Laws shall require a two-thirds majority of the Council.
      The objectives of the Academy can only be altered with the approval of all members of Council.
    • The resolutions of the Annual Meeting shall be recorded in the minutes which shall be signed by the chairman of the meeting and the person taking the minutes.



Section I : The President

  • The President shall preside at all meetings of the Academy and shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for herein. He shall have general supervision of the work of all committees and shall be an ex-official member thereof.
  • The President shall serve a term of two years.

Section II : The President Elect

  • The President Elect shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
  • The President Elect shall serve a term of two years, following which he shall serve as President for a term of two years.

Section III : The Vice President

  • The Vice Presidents shall assist the President in the roles which the Executive Board of Council shall decide.
  • The Vice Presidents shall serve a term of two years.

Section IV : The Treasurer

  • The Treasurer shall take charge of all financial matters of the Academy. He shall be responsible for the monies of the Academy, keep an account of the same and pay all bills approved by the Council. The Treasurer shall, moreover, keep a list of all members delinquent in the payment of dues. He shall present an official annual statement of financial affairs of the Academy audited by the auditors and report the same to the Academy at the end of each year and not later than 31st March each year.
  • The Treasurer shall serve a term of two years. He shall be eligible to re-election. During this period he shall perform all duties of that office effectively and to the best of his ability. He shall be entitled to an adequate monetary allowance as determined each year by the Council. It is understood that the Treasurer shall include his expense account in his annual report to the Council and general membership. The actual expense account (telephone, program printing etc) is to be granted over and above his regular yearly reimbursement.
  • Upon vacating his office, the Treasurer shall deliver to his successor all monies, papers, books, records and other property belongings to the Academy that may be in his possession or for which he is responsible.

Section IV : The Secretary

  • The Secretary shall keep a record of the Academy meeting and of the Council meetings. He shall notify members of meetings, of nominations for membership and similar matters. Moreover, he shall prepare official secret ballots for election of Officers to the Executive Board of the Council. He shall keep a sufficient number of current copies of the By-Laws on hand at all times. He shall turn to the Executive Board on all matters of policy and in an emergency.
  • The Secretary shall serve a term of two years. During this period he shall perform all duties of that office effectively and to the best of his ability. Just as the Treasurer, the Secretary shall be entitled to an adequate monetary allowance and reimbursement of expenses incurred. The Council shall see that the compensation to the Secretary be sufficient to allow him to hire secretarial services as needed inclusive of an executive secretary.
  • Upon vacating his office, the Secretary shall deliver to his successor all papers, books, records and other property belonging to the Academy that may be in his possession or for which he is responsible.


The Auditor

Section I : Election and Duties of the Auditor

  • The Academy shall have an auditor who is elected every two years at the Biennial meeting.
  • Any member and life member of the Academy who is a member of Council may be elected Auditor.


Biennial Meeting

Section I : Extraordinary Meeting

    An extraordinary meeting of members shall be convened by the Council when the interest of the Academy requires it or when one tenth of the members request in writing that such a meeting be held stating the purpose and reasons for it.



Section I : Research Committee

    A Research Committee is nominated and elected by the Council. It shall consist of at least three members and serve for two years.



Section I : Persons Giving Clinics to be Present in Person

  • Persons consenting to give clinics must do so in person, and in the event of failure to do so, unless for good and valid reasons in the opinion of the Council, will be barred from further appearance on the clinics program of the Academy.
  • Commercial exhibits may be permitted by the program committee which shall be responsible for them.


Dissolution of the Academy

  • The dissolution of the Academy shall require a two thirds vote of the entire membership, voting individually.
  • Unless otherwise resolved by the Annual meeting, the President and Vice President shall be jointly authorised to act as liquidators of the Academy.

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